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About us


We are an electronic design and production firm. Our strong point is the analog technique, including fast and very fast one. We implement projects in many fields, including the digital technology and mixed solutions.

We work with employees and graduates of the Faculty of Electronics of Warsaw University of Technology.


We can independently implement various customer concepts. We can cooperate as a subcontractor for ordered modules.


We also provide consultations in the field of designing and constructing systems in analogue technology.

  • Advanced analogue electronics

  • Mixed analogue - digital systems

  • Fast pulse technique

  • Time domain reflectometry (TDR)

  • Measurements of short time periods

  • Untipical values measurements

  • Widebandwidth amplifiers

  • VCO generators

  • LC oscillators

  • Fast rise time generators (up to tens of picoseconds)

  • Oscilloscope technique


Analogue electronics. Think different.

Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Waveforms in a digital superregenerative receiver

You can measure

even 1 nH !!!

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