Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics. Think different.

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What projects do we carry out?  


From easy to even very difficult, requiring the development of new system structures. We like challenges, we are eager to undertake innovative and unconventional topics.


We can independently implement various customer concepts and cooperate as a subcontractor of companies that fulfill their orders.


In addition, we offer technical consultancy in the field of systems and devices of analogue technics.

We can design and implement:

- circuits,

- modules,

- devices.

Devices can be designed and implemented in the form of:

- model,

- prototype,

- unit device,

- serial production equipment.


How do we work on the implementation of a given project?


  • We start with a detailed "interview" with the client: we determine what the client needs. Butwe also determine what is NOT needed: we built the plane, but a shovel was needed :).

  • At this stage, we are considering whether it is reasonable to take up the topic, perhaps there are some ready-made solutions. We also determine whether we are able to take up the subject - do we have experts who are sufficiently experts in a given topic. If we take up the subject, we write down the requirements to be met by the project.

  • The next step is to prepare the project implementation concept with the specification of costs and the deadline for its completion.

  • After acceptance by the client, we start work on the project. We work out the ideas of solutions, perform simulations, prepare schematic diagrams, PCBs, software, etc. Now, we examine and test the constructed model.

  • After this stage, the contracting party can get to know the results of the works. What is important: even with the simplest projects, in addition to documentation, we pass the physically implemented model. If the project is more advanced, we also build a prototype or a ready-made device.


Selected projects implemented by our constructors:


Active probe for the oscilloscope

frequency. upper 800MHz, Rwe = 10KOhm, Cwe = ~ 2pF
attenuation 1: 1 or 1: 2 (option 1:10)


Precise rev counter for gasoline engine

Manual generator with battery power supply with a tunnel diode, 1ns accretion time

Receiver for differential light path

Receiver for differential light path

GaAs tunnel diode tester


Simple function generator f max = 2.5MHz


Simple manual function generator (battery powered)

Output signals: sine / triangle / rectangle, adjustable. amplitude 0..2.5V

Trigger signal Rwy = 50 ohms, rectangle, constant amplitude 0 / 5V


More projects completed by us here.

We apologize for the machine's uncorrected translation. We work on it.

A l r e a d y  o n  s a l e !!!

nano-H -a meter for very small


More information


nano-H -a meter for very small


We apologize for the machine's uncorrected
translation. We work on it.

You can measure

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