Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics. Think different.

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Pulse generator is one of the basic equipment of workshops and electronic laboratories. We have started work on such a pulse generator. Our generator is characterized by high accuracy of frequency stability - we have obtained the accuracy of the quartz clock. The assumed frequency range is at least 1 Hz .. 100MHz. However, the obtained upper frequency will depend on the requirements to be met by the power amplifier.


We plan to check several subversions:

- large amplitudes (about 10V SEM): 50MHz

- average amplitudes (about 3V / 50ohm): 100MHz

- small amplitudes (about 1.2V / 50ohm): 200MHz

In the further stages of the work, we will complement generators with additional internal modules: monostable flip-flops allowing regulation of pulse width and delays.


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nano-H -a meter for very small


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nano-H - a meter for very small 


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