Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics.

Think different.

Analogue electronics. Think different.

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Our constructors are people with passion, they love, what they do. And a real passion is a challenge: "That's a very interesting topic! It looks really difficult, but maybe we can try?" Sometimes, therefore, we undertake such challenges, although sometimes it's too difficult (financial and organizational). However, we do it, because the heart (also the heart of an engineer ...) is not a servant.


We are currently working on two topics:

- superregenerative digital channel

- infrasound microphone

Generator LC - analiza

A l r e a d y  o n  s a l e !!!

nano-H -a meter for very small 


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nano-H -a meter for very small


You can measure

 1 nH !!!

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